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The Cruise People's Gay Scruton, Miri Lopusna and Kevin Griffin will help get you away to sea. 


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More Than Twenty-Five Years in Sea Travel in the UK

The Cruise People Ltd opened in London on October 1, 1992, and has been involved in the business of sea travel for twenty-seven years. The company prides itself on its repeat clientele, which it considers a compliment to its way of doing business, stressing product, quality, service and value. We are members of the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA). For further background, see these articles from "Travel Daily UK" and "Cruise Trade News": -

        "On The Deck: Kevin Griffin, Proprietor of The Cruise People" ("Travel Daily UK," December 12, 2012)

       "In The Spotlight": A Backgrounder on The Cruise People Ltd ("Cruise Trade News," Summer 2010)

        Linked In Profile for Kevin Griffin, Managing Director, The Cruise People Ltd and Griffin Maritime

Product     We specialise in niche product that includes ultra-luxury cruising in the world's top-rated ships, expedition voyages to polar regions and out of the way islands, coasts and rivers, freighter travel around the world, to and from Australia, New Zealand and southern climes, small ship cruises to Alaska, the South Pacific and Japan, and anything unusual and interesting. To this, we have now added exclusive river product and small ship cruises.  

Quality     Why does The Cruise People Ltd pride itself on its repeat business? Instead of telling you about about our quality, we ask you to consider why people might return to us so often. We offer individual service and help clients choose ships and holidays that suit them. We always endeavour to get you the best price and the best amenities.  It is important to us that our clients return happy or, as we know, they will not come back.

Service      Our service is personal. We don't just take bookings, we undertake to do the research for you, narrow down the possibilities and present the alternatives. We take the time to discuss your requirements at length. More than forty years in the business have introduced us to connections that the typical travel agent does not have and we do not depend on flights and holiday trade . Our only business is sea travel.

Value     Anybody can sell £1 for 90 pence. We are not in that game. Rather than discounting or rebating from our commission, we will let you know where the best fares and offers are. We can offer you alternatives not offered by other agents, voyages that offer much more than the usual cruise. We will not sell you product where the fare paid is just the deposit and the line relies on maximising your spend once you're on board.  

Clients     In twenty-four years in London, we have served clients all over the UK, from Falmouth and Jersey to Inverness and Isle of Skye, and also from Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Far East, as well as Australasia and the Americas. Fully 45% of our business is repeat and about half comes from outside the UK.  

As we serve an international market we accept payments in Sterling, Euros or US Dollars.

London Office

The Cruise People's London office at 88 York Street is located in a Georgian terrace that dates back to 1790.

(Served by three London Underground Stations: Baker Street, Marylebone and Edgware Road).


Our consultants inspect ships on an ongoing basis to keep abreast of latest developments. In the past several months, we have sailed in or visited many different vessels, from ultra-luxury cruise ships to small ships, cargo ships and expedition vessels. And now to close with a  few referrals:

"Thank you thank you ... we are off ... you did it for us ... Brilliant!" - Mrs Victoria M and family of four, who were among the many passengers we booked home by sea during the Volcanic Ash flight shutdown, April 19, 2010. 

"There are only a few agents who specialise in this field and the one I chose is based in London, Cruise People of 88 York Street W1. I asked them to see if they could offer a three sector round the world voyage eastabout using different ships on each sector and suggested CMA CGM, UK to New Zealand, a month's break in the Antipodes, Bank Line to Singapore and Rickmers Pearl String Singapore to Europe. This is tricky as the sheer flexibility of the schedules meant that if one sector was significantly delayed you could miss the sailing in the subsequent sector. However, the agent specialising in booking such trips, came up with the CMA CGM Matisse followed by the Gazellebank and then Rickmers New Orleans." - from "Round the World Eastabout: A Journey on Freighters" by Stuart McKenzie (Stuart McKenzie, 2009).

"When Jim informed us he was being posted to Thailand to extend yet another refinery and our daughter Flora, along with another student, had won a competition to design the Scottish team costumes for the Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur, we were given a wonderful opportunity to consider a round-the-world trip. Fifteen firms were contacted with this complicated agenda and Kevin Griffin of The Cruise People in London was able to provide transport on six containerships, which would meet most of our sea travel requirements." - from "The Travels of a Shepherd Boy" by Ogilvie Dickson (Ogilivie Dickson, 2007).

"I found a cruise agency in London which specialised in booking passage on cargo freighters. A lovely Swedish woman called Mona was put in charge of my case. Mona was tall, glamorously blonde and extremely friendly. None of this had stopped her working as a cook on a Swedish freighter for three years. If anyone knew how to get places on a freighter, it was Mona." - from "Supercargo: A Journey Among Ports" by Thornton McCamish (Lonely Planet, 2002).

Don't hesitate to contact us for your personal sea travel requirements


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Did you know that flying produces 36 times more carbon dioxide per passenger-mile than sea travel?

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